Mary Pierce
The Billie Jean King Cup Committee consists of a Chair, who shall be a member of the Board of Directors, and 10 further members. Each member shall be from a nation that has played in the competition at least five times.
To co-ordinate the day to day operations of the competition, the ITF Major Events Department carry out the decisions of the Board of Directors and the Billie Jean King Cup Committee and administer the arrangements for the competition.
The current Billie Jean King Cup Committee for the years 2024-2025, is as follows:
Ms Mary Pierce (FRA/BoD)
Ms Katrina Adams (USA)
Ms Natalie Dechy (FRA)
Ms Rebecca James (GBR)
Mrs Christiane Jolissaint (SUI)
Ms Ilana Kloss (USA)
Mr Raimondo Ricci Bitti (ITA)
Mr Horia Vlad Tecau (ROU)
Mr Nico Weschenfelder (GER)
Mr Xin Zhang (CHN)
Ms Joan Pennello (WTA – Observer)