2023 BJK Cup Finals draw: how it works

23/05/2023 00:00

Find out how the draw for the 2023 Billie Jean King Cup by Gainbridge Finals, taking place at 2pm UK time on Wednesday 24 May, will work

By Ed Pearson
2023 BJK Cup Finals draw: how it works

The 2023 Billie Jean King Cup by Gainbridge Finals draw is set to take place in London at 2pm local time on Wednesday 24 May.

The draw will determine the composition of the four groups at this year's women's world cup of tennis finals, which are taking place in Seville, Spain on 7-12 November.

How does it work?

The 12 nations that are competing in this year's BJK Cup Finals have been ordered from 1-12 in terms of their ranking.

The top four nations - 2022 champions Switzerland, 2022 runners-up Australia, Spain and France have been seeded 1-4.

These four nations will be assigned to each of Groups A, B, C and D (with Switzerland being placed in Group A, Australia in Group B and so on).

The nations ranked 5-8 - Czechia, Canada, Kazakhstan and Italy - will then be drawn randomly into one of the four Groups.

Finally, the teams with the lowest rankings - USA, Poland, Germany and Slovenia - will then be drawn at random into one of the four Groups, leaving four groups of three teams.

2023 BJK Cup Finals pots

On paper, the infamous "Group of Death" could see Switzerland, Czechia and USA all drawn together.

Only the top team in each group progresses to the semi-finals, before the Billie Jean King Cup Final takes place on Sunday 12 November. 

Play-offs Draw

It's not all about the Finals. Tomorrow will also see the draw for the 2023 Billie Jean King Cup Play-offs, which features eight of the nations that lost in the Qualifiers last month and eight nations from regional Group I level.

The 16 teams competing in the Play-offs will be ordered according to their ranking, with eight seeded nations and eight unseeded nations.

The unseeded nations will be drawn one-by-one against the seeded nations. Should the teams have met previously in the competition then the choice of ground will go to the team that did not host the most recent encounter. If the nations have never met, the decision as to who is the host will be drawn at random.

The nations are seeded as follows:

Seeded nations

Slovakia (1)
Belgium (2)
Great Britain (3)
Brazil (4)
Ukraine (5)
Romania (6)
Japan (7)
Mexico (8) 

Unseeded nations

Korea, Rep.

Play-off ties will take place on a home-and-away basis on either 10-11 November or 11-12 November. Host nations will have choice of which dates to play. Winning nations in the Play-offs will advance to the Qualifiers in 2024, while losing nations will compete in regional Group I events in 2024.

Both the Finals and the Play-offs draws will be livestreamed on the ITF YouTube channel.